|☆|Smiley Faces Summer Show|☆|

What an absolutely amazing day! We hoped for sunshine and this morning when the heavens opened our hearts sank a little but thank goodness the Sun decided to make an appearance.
We are so proud of each and every one of our students who performed today - you were nothing short of incredible! Today you performed with such confidence and pizazz you blew your audience away! Watching you smile from ear to ear was an absolute joy.
Thankyou to all of our parents who have supported us over this last 18 months we hope you can see what hardwork has gone into insuring the children get the best opportunities possible.
Welldone to our dedicated staff and senior helpers who have worked their socks off to make this such a success.
Who said outside performances were a Lockdown thing...same again next year?


They said the rain would come and my oh my did it come! At one point we were preparing to build an arc! Then, as if the rain wasn't enough, Thor and Zeus teamed up to show they were the big boys in town! BUT, we are British and we refused to let the rain stop play for too long. Once the weather broke, the staff and parents sprung into action sweeping the stage, mopping and drying at a rapid speed.
We did it...we actually did it. Not only did we get 1 full perfomance... we miraculously managed to perform all 3!
The students were absolutely incredible, with each and every one of them performing their socks off. You all showed such courage, confidence and resilience and we could not be more proud!
Thankyou to our audience who supported us in the most horrendous conditions and to the staff who dug deep and pulled off an amazing show!
Singing in the rain got nothing on us!
|☆| GREASE|☆|
Was it windy...yes!
Did it thunder and lightning...yes!
Did it rain... of biblical measures!!
What a day! Never have the staff watched, studied and discussed cloud formation more than they did on Sunday! Performing outside was an exillerating experience but with the threat of thunder and lightning we were on strict weather watch to ensure the safety of our students and audience. The students performed in the sun which quickly subsided to rain, refusing to give in to the British weather, but when the drizzle turned to torrential downpour and thunder began to rumble we were forced to stop. Once the rain stopped we then swept the stage and dried it over an over again to ensure we could restart. Were both performances seamless? Not quite with around 6 stop starts but was the show a success? It was a tremendous success... and some! The students performed with such gusto and professionalism. You were absolutely incredible and we are so proud of you- what an epic way to end our term!
Thankyou to our audience for being so patient, understanding and forgiving.
Thankyou to our amazing staff who, once again, have shown that Future Faces is more than just a Musical theatre school. It is a family, a community and a safe place where we care passionately about giving each and every one of our students the best experience possible.
The song ' Its Raining on Prom Night ' never seemed so apt!