MONDAY 12th APRIL 2021

We are delighted to be opening up our doors to welcome you all back and we have made a few changes to ensure we can return safely. We are following guidelines and have completed a COVID-19 aware risk assessment to ensure that before we open all safety measures are met. 


  • Please maintain social distancing outside the building.
  • Please remember whilst waiting outside the building you will be open to the elements so don't forget sun cream and, of course, an umbrella
  • We will be operating a one way system inside the building to control movement
  • Reception is DROP OFF only on Saturdays
  • Reduced class sizes and social distancing in place along with no physical contact
  • Staggered start times where necessary
  • Hand sanitising stations around the building
  • Surfaces will be cleaned regularly
  • Windows will be open to ensure ventilation throughout the building
  • No more than 2 students in the changing rooms at any time
  • Separate pick up points from studios depending on which class you are attending
  • We ask belongings to be limited to: a change of shoes, coat and water bottle, that can be stored in one bag to be hung on hooks in changing rooms
  • Electronic communication - rather than letters on paper, email notices will be sent as well as updates on social media
  • Temporary removal of props and other shared objects
  • We would like all payment for classes to be made via the pay now link on your invoice or via BACS.  
  • Please do not send children if they are suffering with a high temperature or and other Covid-19 symptoms
  • If you have any specific concerns regarding your child's individual needs in terms of reopening then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all we can to ensure every child's needs are met.

We remain dedicated to providing everyone with a safe, positive and welcoming environment.

SMILEY FACES 9am - 10.30am
*** FUTURE FACES 11am - 2pm ***
Future Faces start time has changed to 11am to ensure rooms can be cleaned in between Smiley Faces and Future Faces.

We are so excited to see all our smiley faces students again. We understand that some of the changes we have put in place may unsettle some students and encourage all our parents to contact us if you have any worries or concerns.

  • The Main door will remain locked until 8.50
  • Students will be greeted by a member of staff who will take them to their starting studio and help them to change into their dance shoes.
  • Parents are asked to drop off at the door and not enter the building.
  • Please remind children to use the toilet before arriving to reduce the use of the toilets during session times.
  • Collection point for all Smiley students will be the external exit of the Black Studio. 
  • Please follow the signs and observe social distancing

We cannot wait to welcome you all back after such a long break. We have made some changes to session times and collection points. These have been put in place to ensure the safety of all staff and students. We understand for some students this can be an unsettling time so please contact us if you want to discuss the impact of any of these changes.

  • The Main door will remain locked until 10.50
  • Students will be greeted by a member of staff to sign them in - there will no longer be a whole school registration.
  • Students will follow a one way system around the building when moving between sessions
  • Students will be encouraged to maintain social distancing whilst in class.
  • All groups will be split into Bubbles for singing 
  • There will now be a 5 minute water break between session 1 and 2, and one longer 15 minute break between sessions 2 and 3.
  • Tuck will only be available in prepacked bags and will be brought to students in their assigned studios.
  • Please only bring phones if absolutely necessary and they must be put in a zip lock bag before being stored in the phone boxes. No phones are to be left in the changing rooms due to child protection policies.


1st session DANCE in the MAIN STUDIO
2nd session SINGING
3rd session DRAMA - Collection point the BLACK STUDIO - fire door exit

1st session DRAMA in the BLACK STUDI0
2nd session DANCE in the MAIN STUDIO 
3rd session SINGING - exit via the fire door and follow markers to front of the building

1st session SINGING 
2nd session DRAMA in the BLACK STUDIO
3rd session DANCE in the MAIN STUDIO - exit via fire door and follow markers to front of the building






12th APRIL

We hope you have been working on those facial expressions and warming up those voices as we are back! Students will return to the classes that they were previously attending unless otherwise notified.

  • Please keep personal belongings entering the building to a minimum
  • Only arrive a few minutes before your sessions and be aware you may have to wait outside before being allowed to enter the building
  • Please observe social distancing wherever possible and use the hand sanitiser stations around the building.
  • No use of props will be used in class


Exam times TBC


Our fantastic onsite dancewear shop is reopening!

As some of you have seen we have moved into the previous waiting room inside Future Faces. With us being in a smaller space we can only serve 1 customer at a time and please limit the amount of people attending the appointment.
Opening hours available for appointment:
Monday 12-6pm
Wednesday 12-6pm
Saturday 10-2pm
•Please make sure you are wearing a face mask unless you are exempt
•Follow social distancing where possible
If you have any questions please message us or call Joanna on 07894099112

We are looking forward to seeing you all and thankyou for your continued support.