9am - 10.30am


Children are introduced to the Performing Arts through a range of singing, dancing and acting sessions.Whilst the syllabus is freestyle in design, weekly lesson plans are created in order to ensure that students build on the skills learnt the previous week. The core curriculum concentrates on learning interaction between children, building confidence and having fun through the three disciplines of singing, dancing and acting.


SINGING: Discover new songs | Learn rythm | Timing | How sounds are formed | Breathing

DANCING: Strength | Enhance sensory awareness | Balance and Coordination

ACTING: Roleplay | Storytelling | Communication | Confidence

The students spend 30 minutes in each subject and perform two showcases per year to parents, family and friends at Hall Park Theatre. One is held before the Christmas break and the other at the end of the summer term. The students perform across all three disciplines and demonstrate the skills they have learnt through script work appropriate for their age along with songs and dances.

  • RED GROUP:        Children Age 3 - Preschool
  • BLUE GROUP:      Children in Foundation
  • YELLOW GROUP: Children in YEAR 1

First Trial session is FREE | Monthly subscription of £35.75 | Sibling discount offered

Children can be enrolled throughout the year subject to spaces being available.


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