As a Musical Theatre School, Future Faces is extremely proud of everything that it stands for and the challenges it helps its students overcome. Being able to extend this now to those over the age of 18 is absolutely fantastic.


FFDC was formed in early 2019 to offer an opportunity for people to perform on stage. Whether you have performed before and are looking to return to the stage, or you have no experience at all then why not join us. FFDC is all about building confidence through performance - an amateur dramatics group that not only provides excellent performances for the local community but provides its members a space to be creative in a supportive and friendly environment.


Our aim is to produce 3 performances a year. These range form straight drama to outrageous comedy. W are looking for new members, not only in an acting capacity to but also the roles that are all so important when putting on a production from marketing, producing, to backstage and front of house. If you want to get involved and join us then please get in touch.



by Howard Voland and Keith McGregor




Murder Inn is set in the Barnsley Inn, a dilapidated eighteenth century inn which is said to be haunted by Marco, a knife throwing poltergeist. A group of tourists on a ghost hunting tour are forced by a storm to make an unscheduled stop. What looks likely to be an unpleasant and uncomfortable detour soon turns into a night of mayhem and madness as knives begin to pop up in the most unexpected places. As the storm builds and the body count rises the survivors try to figure out who dun-nit?


'TEECHERS' November 2019


Cast of 'OUT on DVD'The Cast of 'OUT on DVD' 2019